Monday, August 26, 2013

New group for LBT discussion

I have created a new group on "Google Group" for discussion on matters related to LBT implementation, Registration, Explanation and interpretation of LBT Laws. More importantly also Rates discussion.

Visit -

Group embedded below

This group is kept open for all public to view. But only members can post and reply to the discussion. If you have already subscribed to the blog you shall get an invitation for joining this group and then you can join the group by clicking on the link in Invitation.
If you are familiar to discussions on "forums" then you will feel at home as this works exactly like any other forum works.

The Group, I believe, shall help LBT Consultants and Tax payers in discussing various issues on LBT.

Another Reason for starting group is that after my post on "Exam Leave", I checked the "Contact Me" replies. I was surprised to see more than 50 unread messages. So instead your queries being unsolved while I am on Exam Leave, instead you can have your queries solved at this group now.

I have seen some good stuff being shared at such Google Groups on various subjects. So I believe that if you also have anything to share with public - Your Views on LBT, Any book or Paper you have written on LBT or a Excel template for Calculation of LBT payable, please you are welcomed to share on the group. For file sharing upload your file to

You will see the below info at the group
A group of LBT (Local Body Tax) Consultants to discuss about LBT.
The discussion shall be on any matters related to LBT.

This forum is brought to you by
Illustrative list of discussion -
> Registration
> Rates
> Consultancy 

And if you request for joining the group, you shall be asked the below question
Hi, This group is for LBT consultants. If you are LBT consultant then can  join this group. If you are not then too you can view posts and get your queries solved.
So are U a LBT consultant?

As my primary objective behind setting up of group was for LBT Consultants, you can still join in if you are not. So, even if you answer YES or NO you shall be granted membership. 

The group is embedded below