Thursday, July 11, 2013

LBT Bare Rules - 2013

Launching a new book on Local Body Tax by Adi Publication - LBT Bare Rules 2013 (3rd Edition). This is first book to incorporate amendments made by LBT notification dated 20th June, 2013. 

This E-Book shall be very useful to LBT Consultants, Lawyers, Chartered Accountants. This new book on Local Body Tax an indispensable reference material for all those who are looking for a easy to understand LBT bare Rules with all amendments (up to 1st July 2013).

The amendments made in LBT Rules 2010 by LBT notifications 2012 and 2013 are highlighted and all the Rules are arranged, formatted and indented for ease of reading and understanding.

The Highlights of the book are -

  • Searchable - You can search for any word of sentence
  • Indexed - You can jump to a particular page from Index
  • Simple fonts - For easy in reading
  • Indented - All sub-rules and sub-clauses are logically indented to provide with faster understanding of the rules
  • Formatted - Book is well formatted thus appealing to eyes
  • Access anywhere - You can access this book anywhere whether be a computer or your mobile
  • Cost effective - If you purchase this edition of book you get any edition which is released within one year for free. This means that you don't get outdated for a year.
  • Just Rs.100 - Most cost efficient in market
  • Can Copy Paste - If you want any provision to be inserted in your word file (say for writing a letter) then just a simple copy and paste.
  • Pint relevant sections - Take prints of only those Rules which are relevant for you
  • No storage - This E-Book does not occupy any storage space in your Library or desk or even your computer hard-disk.
  • Permanently Yours - You come and read this book any time, even after 10 years.
  • Free benefits - If you purchase this book - LBT Bare Rules 2012 and 2010 are free.

Once you make payment on the above link, use "contact us" form to inform me that you have made payment. Please mention your transaction number, Bank from which you made payment in "Question/Suggestion" box and also the name of book which you want.
After notifying me, I shall enable your access to E-Book on Local Body Tax and you can view your E-Book by clicking on below link

If you want to have a look and feel of how the E-Book works, see a trial with LBT Bare Rules 2010. This book is free but because of amendments it has now become outdated.

Update (21-07-2013): You can now purchase it at amazon

Update (04-01-2014): Now read online LBT Book for free here