Monday, July 8, 2013

No checks, transit inspection at entry points

No checks, transit inspection at entry points for traders under LBT This Will Help Bring In Transparency In The Tax Net

In accordance with the state government's amended notification, transit inspection, obstruction of vehicles, checking of goods, detaining the occupants on road have become a thing of past. The concerned  urban development department (UDD) of the state government held back the power to sanction such orders to the top officials from municipal corporations on request.

The state government has amended the law recently, removing the earlier clause (26) of transit inspection at erstwhile octroi collection plazas under the new levy of Local Body Tax (LBT). Earlier, the law had a provision empowering
the municipal commissioner and his subordinate at the rank of deputy civic commissioner to stop vehicles for further check on transit system mainly at check posts which triggered resentment among the traders and residents. Bowing to constant pressure from the trading community, the state government enforced necessary changes for free access of motorists and residents at check posts. 
"For checking of vehicles and goods, the top brass has to seek permission from the UDD. The power of transit inspection has been withdrawn with immediate effect," said UDD sources. "The crucial transit clause has been deleted now with the interpretation of the trading community. Now we have free access in bringing goods from outside without fear. This is also applicable for residents as well who don't have to face such harassment at transit checks," said a Thane Vyaparodyog Mahasangh (TRAM) member. 

From now on, if they want to undertake such drives they will have to take permission from the UDD. "We have received a government communique in this regard. This is done to bring in transparency in the tax net," said an official from the local LBT section. "We are finally vindicated from a strict law. The amendment seems to be people friendly. Now the corrupt officials from the time of octroi will be out of action from their regular job of extorting people under the pretext of transit check and inspection of vehicles on road. With corruption being anchored more revenue will be accumulated in the government treasury," said a trader.

Source - Thane Plus (7th July, 2013)