Wednesday, July 10, 2013

LBT Bare Rules 2010

Today launching a new book on Local Body Tax - "LBT Bare Rules". Enough of the bad formatted, difficult to read Rules which are available at the corporations website. This new book shall be updated from time to time and to enable the users of this book to remain ahead of the competition.

 This new book contains LBT Rules 2010 in nicely formatted presentations with beautiful fonts and logical indentation for Sub-Rules and Sun- Clauses.

This book being 1st edition hence shall be free for all.
(Some of the Rues have changed after notification of LBT Rules 2013)

Highlights of the book
  • Complete LBT Rules 2010
  • Searchable - You can search in the file for an word or sentence
  • Well Formatted
  • No editing - LBT Rues 2010 as it is
  • Indentation for bifurcation into sub-Rule
  • Anywhere access - Desktop, Mobile app, any browser
Download Local Body Tax Bare Rules 2010
LBT Rules 2010 with LBT Rules 2012 amendments - click here

Update (21-07-2013): Got Kindle? or a iphone? Get this book on Amazon