Tuesday, July 9, 2013

LBT Bare Rules (Coming Soon)

The Local Body Tax Rules which are available on the net at various municipal corporation websites are outdated, even if you find the LBT Rules 2012 or 2013 these contains only the LBT amendments and thus making reading and understanding these already complicated rules even more difficult. But now no more.

"Local Body Tax Bare Rules" E-book is coming soon. This shall be free for those who have already purchased the Main Book - Local Body Tax (All that you need to know about LBT). This new book shall be launched very soon and shall be coming updated with new notification of LBT Rules 2013.

It is a necessity to have LBT Rules (Bare Provisions) for every LBT Consultant, Advocate and Chartered Accountant. Even the book which are available currently (as on 1st July, 2013) don't have these LBT Rules 2013 amended.

These LBT Bare Rules shall be well Formatted, Searchable, Pleasant fonts; which shall help in better understanding of bare provisions.

To see for yourself how the bare provisions look 

As seen in LBT Notification

And how LBT Bare Rules shall be seen in Book with all proper formatting, Indentation for Sub-Rules and Sub-Clause.

As shall be seen in the Book