Friday, November 22, 2013

I am Back

Hi Visitors,
I am back from my exam leave. [In case you have joined this blog late - I was on my CA Final Exam leave so there was no reply to answers or any post for 3 months]

So, here are some of the things which happened when I was at leave
  1. Some corporations have updated their LBT schedules (shall soon be posting all the new schedules)
  2. Builders payment scheme has been finalized by most corporations as to how will the area be calculated, when remaining payment of 50% has to be paid (Please also read point 1 no below)
Now here is the list of updated from my side
  1. I request all LBT consultants to post what has been followed by their corporations regarding area calculation and payment date (for builders), on LBT Group.
  2. I have now changed some settings (which even I didn't previously knew that these where available), which shall allow all members to post any query or any of their experience on LBT Group just by sending a email to
  3. Due to some error (I don't who's error it was - Of Google's or Mine) the URL of Group has now been changed to - Which was earlier (i.e. the dashes are gone now.
  4. Now that I am free, shall soon going to reply all the queries which I have received during my vacation time. There are more than 50 queries to be answered, so you will mostly be getting all replies by 2nd week of December.
  5. I shall be coming out with a new book on Local Body Tax, which shall be 2nd Edition of "All that you need to know about LBT". The 1st version got outdated after amendment of LBT Rules (2013). This time the book shall explain all the provisions of LBT Rules in a simple English. All tose who have purchased the 1st Edition of this book or 3rd Edition of LBT Bare Rules shall be getting this book for free.
I invite suggestion from you visitors, regarding few things
  • What all changes are required to be made to this blog?
  • Suggestions regarding new upcoming book?
  • What can be done more to improve this service of LBT blog - as I have already created some like :-Facebook page of LBT and LBT discussion Group, any other required?