Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Inviting Authors to new Blog on GST

Hi Friends,
I welcome you all to my new blog on Goods and Service Tax (GST). Where all the News, Articles, Explanation, Discussion about new Tax "GST" shall be posted.

This shall be my 3rd blog after 
  1. xbrl for Indian CA - 18,000 Visitors (As on 29th July 2014)
  2. LBT Thane - 1,35,000 Visitors (As on 29th July 2014)
My others small blogs include - LBT Books (For LBT books), Nihit sir direct Tax (Under construction), Set balance in Life (Motivation Articles and Poems by Dad)  Which have combined visitors for around 10,000 as on 1st July 2014.

This blog shall be a little different than my earlier blogs, instead of me only posting all articles, I invite all experts in Indirect Taxation to be Authors of this blog and post their articles here and earn recognition of themselves.

The authors shall be posting their articles from their own accounts, Their names shall be automatically appear near their articles by Blogger. Their names shall also appear when any post appears in Google Search Results or any Search engine for that matter.

The following are the requirements for becoming a author for this blog
  1. A Google account is a must. If you have a Gmail then you have a Google account already. Just visit plus.google.com to add your photo and details about yourself as this profile shall be linked when you become author.
  2. Knowledge about Indirect tax (CA, Advocate, CS, Tax Practitioner, CA Final Student)
  3. Some knowledge about blogger is recommended. But if you have a decent android phone then No knowledge about blogger would do. As there is an app for posting to blogger directly though the phone and let me inform you that learning blogger is not at all difficult. It is just like using MS word online.
  4. That's all
Interested persons can send me a message on Google Plus or Facebook or Fill in the Contact Me form on the blog.

I have just created this blog, so not have applied any customizations to this blog. In future this blog shall definitely look awesome then what is present today. To just have a glimpse of this visit my recently customized Blog - Set Balance In Life