Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Starting GST Study Group

Hello Friends, LBT Consultants,Visitors
(Please read below only if you live in and around thane, as this post only applies to them)

There is a new career opportunity developing for all aspirational CA, CS, lawyers or who already are CA, CS, lawyers..

The field I am talking about is GST (Goods and Service Tax)..

I need not specify all the new opportunities GST shall bring, but to list a few - Consultation, Systematic & In-depth accounting, Audit, Representing clients in tax Dept..

We have to start early, if we were to grab this opportunity..
With this in mind, starting a GST forum for those who inspire to make career in GST for people living in and around thane.

We shall meet monthly, have chat group, undertake study of GST, effects of GST in particular industry, study all the aspects of GST.

The meet is scheduled on coming Sunday - 28th Dec 2014 at Korum mall - Food Court at 10.00 AM Sharp

Forum is open to all
Share this info with your friends, may be they will be interested, if not you.

10.00 to 10.30 introduction of Study Group Members
10.30 to 12.00 GST discussion on Constitution Amendment Bill (Can be Downloaded from -

If interested,
Reply with your confirmation for the meet on 9987166QQQ (SMS or Whatsapp)

Also Join the event and see who all is coming on Facebook -

Update 29/12/2014 : Number Deleted bcoz of SPAM

For those who wants to keep track of GST, similar to this blog on LBT, have started with GST blog few months back -
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