Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A solution to the problem of managing dues

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I recently launched an android app on google play store, which helps you manage all your dues. Think of it as an app to record all the credit purchases / sales and payment / receipt.

Current Problem: 

When businessmen sit down for settling their account (i.e. dues), almost every time they have a dispute on the amount due. This happens because one of them may have either missed recording of a transaction or recorded transaction with a wrong amount.


If the person with whom the transaction is entered is notified about the transaction, then there will be no errors in the recording of transactions, i.e. synced accounting.

How Counting Dues implements the solution

When a seller enters a sale transaction, the customer automatically gets notified to record a purchase transaction. When  the customer makes payment and enters the same in the app, the seller gets a notification to record a receipt. In simple terms, when one party records a transaction, another party gets a notification to record opposite transaction.
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Want to see this in action? Check out this Counting Dues Introduction video on YouTube

Additional Solutions to the popular problems

Problem : If written records of transactions (i.e. details regarding purchase / sale) are prone to tear / lost/ theft/ damage due to fire / water
Solution : All the data is stored in a secure cloud, even if you loose your mobile, just login through your new mobile and all the data is copied from server.

Problem : Businessmen travel to a location to collect / make payments. Some times they miss going to a vendor / customer as the written records don't have filtering capabilities.
Solution : In Counting Dues, you can search using location and then plan your collection trips accordingly.

Problem : Small businesses are run by family members (Dad-Son / Brothers) (Uncle-Son). When any one of them is not available at the shop, there is ambiguity when a vendor comes asking for payment. There is confusion as to whether the payment is already made, what amount is to be paid.
Solution : Synced transactions. Counting Dues allows multi device installation. Hence all the transactions are synced between all the installed devices.

While developing counting dues, we had simplicity and security in our mind. Hence you will find it extremely easy to use. All the communication is encrypted as 100% of the data transmission between mobile and is sever is over HTTPS.

Checkout some of the screenshots of counting dues