Sunday, May 26, 2013

Book on LBT (Coming Soon)

There is currently no book available in market or on Google i.e. no paper book or eBook available for reference for a LBT consultant or a Businessmen either.

But this will be no more. A complete book on LBT (Local Body Tax) covering all aspects of LBT with bare wordings of LBT rules and also covering all sections of Bombay Provincial Municipal Corporation Act (BPMC) relating to LBT is coming soon.

This book will be published as a e-book. Here's the cover page of book titled
"Local Body Tax - All that you need to know about LBT"

The contents of the book are as below. (This content is illustrative and subject to change in Final Version)

1.    Preface to First Edition
2.    About Authors
3.    Contents
4.    Section & Rules Index
5.    What is LBT?   
6.    Why LBT

7.    Governing of LBT   
8.    Fixing of Rates   
9.    Registration   
10.    Certificate of Registration   
11.    Maintenance of Accounts & Billing   
12.    Valuation   
13.    Lump Sum Payment Scheme   
14.    Exemption   
15.    Returns   
16.    Payment and Refund   
17.    Assessment   
18.    Interest and penalty   
19.    Powers given to Department
20.    Forms   
•    A    Application for Registration
•    B    Certificate of Registration
•    C    Application for Cancellation of Certificate
•    D    Register of Goods
•    E-1    Form for Half Yearly Return
•    E-2    Form of Annual Return
•    F    Intimation of Nomination
•    G    Notice
•    H    Notice
•    I    Order of Assessment
•    J    Notice of Demand
•    K    Notice for Assessment
•    L    Notice for Payment of LBT, Interest, Penalty
•    M    Refund Payment Order
•    N    Notice
•    O     Notice for Forfeiture and Imposing Penalty
•    P    Notice for Rectification of Mistake
•    Q    Authorization for Appearance before Authority
•    R    Permission for Lump Sum Payment of LBT
•    S    Appeal against demand notice
21.    Notification for application of LBT
•    Mumbai
•    Pune
•    Thane
•    Navi Mumbai
22.    Other Important LBT Notification
23.    Rates Schedule for Cities
•    Thane
•    Pune
•    Nagpur
•    Navi – Mumbai
24.    LBT amendment Rules, 2012
25.    LBT amendment Rules, 2013 (Draft)