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Thanks for all your wishes.

Very informative
- Punjab National Bank 

- Admin (

Very Informative and much needed for people who are getting impacted.Thanks for sharing a very useful updated information.
- Amol
Athawale (Sandoz)

Good website , useful.
- Subodh Kulkarni (Colorent)

Thanks for all the info. As on date, this is most informative blog on LBT.
- Mahesh J (Japro Engineering)

Hats off to you, a fabulous work done on LBT.
I am a retailer and fast food operator in Mumbai. We are planning to keep our shops close from 8th May subject to talks between ministers and our association heads. I know only to keep close but no proper awareness programme carried out for the retailers.

But after reading the article I got insights about LBT thanks again.
- Ruturaj Patkar 

I am glad to know that the right information about LBT is promptly made available by Mr.Adarsh so that citizens from all fields can be aware of the finer details of the law.
-  Navin Palnitkar

Good Work.... Very informative site.... keep updating the latest changes
- Vinayak Shimpi

First of all i like to thank you for such a great effort. The information posted on web site is very useful... Thanks
- Omprakash Singh

Really beneficial to everyone. Legal language is difficult to understand, hence its correct/actual interpretation in simple language is very important. Thanks for the service.
- Nerkar Y P

Excellent and probably the best website for this confusing LBT.
Thanks for making it simpler.

- Manish Saboo 

Great information and useful writeups by Mr. Madrecha. Thank you for providing such a website. Information of this nature is not provided on the TMC website hence this is really helping. Thanks a lot.
- Shrinivas Oak

This website is gonna help alots of people who where unaware about LBT and the issues.Thanks a lot for making this blog doing a grt job
- vikky rawal

Good, very Good information
- Arun Davda
A good initiate and very informative.
Milind Chakradeo

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