Saturday, June 22, 2013

Commenting Rules

Due to increasing user traffic and comments it has become essential that this blog which has become a central source of discussion on LBT have some rules for commenting which shall ensure that the visitors of the site get's a information related to their query at one place and helps in good discussion.

The following Rues have to be compulsorily followed
  • No posting of links to other website
  • No use of offensive language
  • No questions regarding rate of a particular product.
  • Post your query / suggestions in a post which is relevant to your posting. (You can use search box below to search the post where your question fits to be posted) 

The commentators are also suggested to follow these
  • Writing comments in small or title case. Use of ALL CAPS is considered as a Rude.
  • Respect views of other commentators 
It is not compulsory that only me answer the questions, you can also post answers if you are sure about our answer. Don't worry for wrong answers, I shall keep an eye on the answers the users are posting and shall repl back if I find anything wrong or contradictory.