Sunday, June 2, 2013

What is Ebook?

Soon I am going to launch a E-Book on LBT. So the question is "What is a E-book?" and "How will I access the book?" 

The LBT book will be on Google's Drive. When you purchase the book, your email Id will be added to the list of person's who can view book. So, it will be a prerequisite to have a "Gmail" account for viewing the book. If you already have one then you don't have anyting to do to view the book, just puchas eit and then login into gmail as usual and click on "View Book" on this Page. This email Id will be like ""

But if you don't have a Gmail account then you will have to create one (This shall take only a min to do so). To create a new Gmail account click here

If you use Google business account and you have a custom domain like "" as your Email Id then you don't need to create another, you can use existing.

Any question regarding this please feel free to contact me by filling this form.