Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Checking on Octroi Naka

If you are one of the persons who used to get irritated by the checking ad long lines at Octroi, then you will definitely like new rules of LBT. Read on to know more. 

Is there any checking by authority over check post or flying squad?

Simple Answer:
No, No checking at Naka

Details and Explanation:

LBT has removed Naka system. Now the system will be more like Cess which we have in Navi Mumbai.Earlier ther used to be rampant corruption at Octroi Naka and hence the new system (LBT) attempts to remove it. This system has its advantages but as you can understand that people might use this to evade taxes. So, the system goes away with Naka but Power of stopping and checking the truck still vests with the department. 

Since LBT is still new, there will be checking for whether the person importing goods have registered for LBT or not. So, You need to keep a copy of registration certificate in truck / tempo which is going to import goods.