Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Registration - Important Points

Continued from : Registration for LBT

Now that you have understood when you have to apply for registration, Let me state what are the other points Important to be considered for registration

  • A dealer registered under the MVAT Act having place of business within the limits of respective Municipal Corporation shall be deemed to be registered under LBT.

  • A dealer having more than one place of business in two different corporations will have to obtain separate registrations of LBT in respective corporation limits. For e.g.:- A dealer having places of business in PMC or PCMC will have to obtain separate registration for both municipal corporations.

  • A dealer having multiple places of business within the same corporation limits shall be issued the copy of registration certificate for each additional place of business specified in application of registration. Needless to say that the registration number shall be the same for all the places of business within the limits of same corporation. 
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