Thursday, April 11, 2013

For Consumers

In This post I am going to explain about whether a consumer like you and me are required to pay LBT?

LBT is unquestionably payable by a Trader, Manufacturer, Retailer, Dealer. Agent if they import (Purchase) any goods from outside district of thane.

The question is important because the LBT Rules says a person has to get registered if purchase of goods (from outside Thane) exceeds 5000 Rs in a year. So, each and every one may get covered because the limit is so low

When I am talking about consumer I am talking about
  • A employee who has nothing to do with any VAT or Service tax in any way, eg. Teacher.
  • A Small service provider who provides service but since total service does not exceeds 10,00,000 Rs is not registered for Service Tax, eg. Tailor
  • A person bringing Washing Machine or say Television from Mumbai or any place outside Thane
So, will the above person be liable for LBT?
Will they have to pay LBT?
Answer is NO (But subject to some conditions)

The following discussion is to be kept in mind